A Special Field for Special Kids

In Findlay, Ohio, there is a special place called Miracle Park. It’s a place where the Miracle League of Findlay offers kids with special needs the opportunity to play baseball.

Miracle Park, which was made possible by donations from the Blanchard Valley Health System, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, the City of Findlay, the Findlay Community Foundation and many others, opened up for play in 2016. Since then, over one hundred kids each year have experienced the excitement of playing baseball – a game which had previously been impossible for them to enjoy.

The field was custom designed to accommodate special needs kids, and has an astroturf surface with thick padding to ensure a safe environment for wheelchairs and the kids that often have difficulty with mobility. 

The kids that play in the league are assisted by “buddies” that are often local community members, brothers, sisters, or parents, and local high school baseball players often help out. These buddies help the kids bat and run the bases. 

Brad Koller is the league coordinator for the City of Findlay. “Come to one of these games,” he said.

“You’ll see why these kids are so special. For an hour, they forget their challenges and just play ball.”

On a cool and blustery day in April, 2018, a film crew and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s creative agency visited the Park to document opening day on the Miracle League season. The crew was there to create a video that shows the deep impact that the Miracle League has on the special needs kids, their families, and even the wider community.

The video showcases the essence and magic of what it’s like to be with the kids and families at Miracle Park on a Saturday afternoon.

Miracle Park made possible by: