A Second Chance

Since CleanTurn Enterprises’ inception in 2012, they have provided over 700 employment opportunities to men and women with challenging backgrounds, including those impacted by poverty, homelessness, incarceration, addiction, human trafficking and domestic violence. One of CleanTurn’s business lines is She Has A Name (SHAN) Cleaning Services, which provides residential and commercial cleaning services to private home owners, general contractors, property managers, corporations, small businesses and non-profits in the greater Columbus area.

Tara, who has been working at She Has A Name Cleaning Services for a little over a year, is just one example of someone who came for a job and a second chance at life. “When you get out of the situation that I was in – prison eight years – and you’ve never had a job before, SHAN Cleaning really helped set me up for success. They gave me a job where I can make money and build stability.”

Tara began working at SHAN Cleaning Services as a crew member and has worked her way up to a Quality Control (QC) Supervisor. As a QC Supervisor, she is responsible for checking on multiple crews, overseeing the quality on sites and ensuring all work is complete and to the client’s satisfaction. Quality Control Supervisors also work very closely with crews to train, coach and provide feedback constantly to help others grow and move the mission forward.

What makes CleanTurn Enterprises/She Has A Name Cleaning Services unique is their singular focus on providing personal and professional development to their team members. CleanTurn’s “Career Advancement Map” provides a pathway for individuals to grow in their financial literacy, team building, conflict resolution, health & wellness, parenting, community engagement and management/leadership skills. Their benefits are tailored around encouraging and incentivizing their team members to push forward in their own development and career ambitions. Over a fourth of the individuals they have hired have used CleanTurn as a launch pad into a career of their choice.

As Tara said,

“It’s not just a job – it’s something that helps you build as a person and grow.”

CleanTurn Enterprises has also launched a couple of other ventures, including CleanTurn Demolition Services which provides interior demolition and bulk removal services to general contractors, property managers and owners throughout central Ohio and the Midwest. And their most recent launch, Third Way Cafe, is a strategic partnership with Coffee Crafters focused on coffee, books and community.