Job Creation for Generations

Through the thick and thin of the economy, recessions and other challenges, Ohio Art has maintained its headquarters in Bryan, Ohio, since 1912. Ohio Art’s commitment to manufacturing in Ohio has impacted generations of families for over 100 years.

Some families in the community have an incredible 200+ working years combined employment history with the company. One family that Ohio Art has impacted is the Wolfe family. Terry Wolfe, the lead press operator, has worked for Ohio Art for 35 years – and he had several aunts and uncles who have worked there over the years. His son Chris now also works there and has been an apprentice press operator for three years. And Ohio Art goes even deeper within the family. Terry’s mother was an employee of Ohio Art for 40 years and was able to raise two boys as a single mother.

Ohio Art is one of the leading metal lithographers in the world. It started as a small manufacturer of metal picture frames, and grew into what was at one point, one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of metal and plastic toys (including the world famous Etch A Sketch). Today Ohio Art has morphed back to its original roots as a specialty metal lithography and manufacturing business.

As CEO Elena West said,

“Throughout the years, the company’s leadership has chosen legacy, community and employees over an easier path with the possibility of sale or even abandonment.”